1. Membrane Switch
    2. Membrane SwitchTypically made up of several layers of membranes, our membrane switch is completely sealed to keep dust or water from damaging the device. Desirable features available in modern electronic, mechanical, and optic devices, such as keys, graphic overlays, display windows, and backing layers.
    1. Membrane Keyboard
    2. Membrane KeyboardThe membrane keypad is getting popular worldwide. It is nothing but a touch sensitive device that has a number of keys arranged in rows and columns. Aside from its functionality, this kind of membrane switch is designed as a decorative pattern that deeply impresses its users.
    1. Membrane Circuit
    2. Membrane CircuitConductive silver inks are slow-drying liquids that solidify at very low temperatures. Silver tracks can be printed onto flexible substrates, such as PET, PC, PVC, and PU. Benefits of silver circuits include a strong adhesion to the base material, great covering power, and extremely low resistance.
    1. Graphic Overlay & Fascia Panel
    2. Graphic Overlay & Fascia PanelOur graphic overlay can be used separately or integrated into the membrane switch. It is quickly emerging as a new, ideal faceplate that overcomes the disadvantages of aluminum faceplate. Typical uses include the home appliances, meters, instruments, mechanical and electronic switch panels, and more.